L Machado

"A powerful and strong woman - that's what comes to my mind when I think about Leda. I had the pleasure to cross paths with her during my MBA, and It was truly inspiring to see such an amazing person showing us we can be anything we want to. A dear teacher, so commited and dedicated to all of the students. I was impressed with her ability to ready people, and guide us through our strengths and opportunities. The hardest moment was to say goodbye to those amazing classes. But I take the lessons for a lifetime."
Lara Oliveira, Assistente de Propriedade Intelectual, Daniel Legal & IP Strategy

"I had the great pleasure of having Leda as my HR professor at FIA Business School. Leda is a very distinguished person, experienced professor and versatile professional. She has remarkable teaching skills, outstanding business sense and an effortless capability for building and enhancing relationships. From my experience with Leda, I have learnt that she has a strong drive for people development, leading her classes in a way that her students practices critical thinking at all times. Leda's teaching approach is unique and if there is something students will not miss in her classes is the sense of ownership and accountability effected at every single situation while in class. Remarkable professor!"
Natália Gliorsi, Qualified European Lawyer, Compliance, Corporate Governance

"I was a student at FIA International MBA when Leda taught the Managing People's course. Leda is not only an outstanding lecturer but also an incredible person. She made enormous contribution to the class as a whole, sharing lots of insights based on her incredible professional experience. She devoted considerable amount of time helping students on building their career objective during her spare time. She helped me substantially on my career prospect."
Matheus H S V., Student, Universidade de São Paulo - FIA Business School

"Working with Leda was a great experience, her sense of professional reponsibility is remarkable and her knowledge and experience in the HR area outstanding, to inspire others to learn. Enthusiasm and positive attitude are just two examples of her attributes. Great coleague, partner, mentor and friend."
Wlamir P., IT Vice President Latam, American Tower Corp

"Leda is a talented professional with a strong academic background. She has an assertive attitude with her clients. Her attention to detail, customer orientation, care for the employees and willingness to contribute to the organizaion, make her to exceed as a HR professional."
Ivan S., Supvr, Compensation for Brazil VG Operations, Eaton Truck Components

"Leda is a professional like few are, she has a fantastic background, both conceptual and theoretical, combines theory with practice quite effectively. She has a highly strategic profile, nevertheless she is not afraid to do opreartional work when needed. She is a professional who establishes transparent relationships with her team, giving continuous feedback and guidance. It was a great pleasure to work with an incredibly intelligent and well prepared professional such as Leda, who has much to add to any organization she may decide to join."
Renata A., HR Manager, Ernst & Young

"Leda is one of the best Human Resources professional I have worked with. Highly motivated, she is a great manager and knows how to motivate her team workers. It was a great pleasure to know her."
Denise F., Financial Analyst, Emerson Network Power

"Leda is more than a differentiated professional, she is an inspiring person with solid values ​​and contagious light in her eyes which relfetes compelling vision of the organizations and the potential role of people ‘s management in business development."
Luis Pedro F., Student, Ibmec Business

"Leda Machado did an exceptional job at Mercuri Urval some years ago. Customer focused natural leader always ready to put all her energy and stamina to get the job done. It's an authentic pleasure working with her as she is a broad- minded professional. She has an extensive background, and her open-minded approach could not be overestimated."
Luciana S., International Business Consultant, Mercuri Urval

"Leda is an outstanding professional and person. She is full of energy, market- driven and people-oriented. Since we met for the first time in April2008 I was impressed with her strong empathy. Others precious talents she gets in my opinion are Activator (turn thoughts into action - she is good at it), Consistency, Focus, Strategic. Her Intellection and Communication themes makes her a very interesting person "out of the box". She is transparent and a very strong woman! Above all she is a great human being and a good friend! I do recommend her."
Elaine G., Headhunter (Agribusiness, Food & Beverage Industries, Pharma)

"Leda is not only an outstanding professional, but also a great friend. I met and worked with her both at Deloitte and Ernst & Young, where we developed a closer professional relationship. She has several high qualified professional skills that make her one of a kind in the marketplace. Her knowledege in both HR strategy and processes is only a small part of all the knowledge she has in other business areas. Furthermore, Leda has an amazing business understanding of several countries and companies, making her even a more a special person and professional."
Alexandre B., Manager - Strategy, Operations, Performance Improvement, Deloitte

"I worked with Leda at OESP facing great challenges, it was a real learning experience. I really appreciated the opportunity that made me improve in areas that I consider vital to having success in HR. Leda has an unique background and always cares about the development of her team."
Patricia F., HR Coordinator, OESP MIDIA


Leda Machado